Cracked Heels

What is a Cracked Heel?

The skin around the heel area of the feet can become excessively dry causing it to crack and fissure. They can become quite painful and lead to more serious conditions if not treated promptly. The skin around the heel is naturally thicker than other areas of the foot and so requires more moisture to keep it supple. If the skin becomes too dry and lacking in moisture, the upper layers start to lose their flexibility causing the skin to split and crack. Cracked heels are quite a common condition, particularly in the summer months and in warmer climates.

What causes a Cracked Heel?

  • Age – skin naturally loses moisture as it ages
  • Being overweight
  • Wearing shoes with open backs that expose the heels
  • Skin conditions such as athlete’s foot
  • Prolonged standing
  • Medical conditions such as Diabetes and Thyroid Gland problems

What can a podiatrist do for you in clinic?

  • Reduce dry and flaking skin
  • Reduce hard skin build up, particularly around the edges of a fissure in order to encourage the skin to heal
  • Check for open wounds, infection and treat accordingly
  • Advise on suitable moisturising products
  • Advise on footwear
  • Check for signs of skin conditions and advise on suitable treatment.



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