Dermal Fillers For Feet

What are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers comprise of Hyaluronic Acid (HA). This acid occurs naturally within the body and is present in the skin, joints and eyes. It is hydrophilic, which means it attracts water molecules to ‘plump’ up, cushion and keep structures supple and flexible. It is a natural substance which in time naturally breaks down.

What are Dermal Fillers used for?

Patients who fall in to the below categories may benefit from Dermal Fillers procedures.

  • As we get older, we can lose the fatty padding under the joints on the balls of our feet. This can cause pain and discomfort when walking.
  • Patients with painful corns or callus
  • Patients who have a history of wearing high heel shoes who as a result lose the fatty padding under joints on the ball of their feet
  • Patients who have toe deformities, such as hammer toes that rub on footwear 

What does the procedure involve?

Dermal Fillers can be used within a treatment plan. They are safe and effective.

Your Podiatrist will assess your suitability for the procedure and recommend a specific treatment plan. Procedures are normally carried out under local anaesthetic and paints are advised not to drive for that day or to do any strenuous activity for a week.

Patients will experience some pain and discomfort in the injected area for up to 14 days after the injection before they feel the benefits. Dermal Fillers are a temporary procedure and it is difficult to specify how long they will work for. Most patients get between 6-18 months significant relief for their symptoms.



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