Fungal Nail Treatments near Buckinghamshire using the Revolutionary Lunula Nail Laser

The most effective treatment currently available in medicine.


Lots of people develop a fungal toenail infection at some point in their life.  Usually it’s not a serious condition but it can be embarrassing as well as difficult to treat.  The Hartland Clinic offer a revolutionary new effective fungal nail treatments near Buckinghamshire called the Lunula Nailaser.  This treatment is only available at a small number of Podiatry Clinics in the country.

A revolutionary new laser treatment.

Until recently, if you had toenail fungus, the options to treat the disease were limited and often unsuccessful. But with Lunula Laser Therapy near Buckinghamshire, the toenails you remember can often be returned to the way they were. The Hartland clinic offer the Lunula Naillaser for Toenail Fungus Treatment in Buckinghamshire area.

Here are the benefits of the new fungal nail laser treatment:

  • No medical side effects
  • No risk to liver function as with oral medication
  • Proven medical results – Success rates up to 95%
  • Safe technology – no toxic plume of smoke as with other laser devices
  • Promotes healthy nail growth from the first treatment
  • Visual improvement within two to three months
  • No post treatment recovery period
  • Only moderate heat and tingling sensations during your treatment.
  • Affordable and quick solution

Here’s how the Lunula Nail Laser works:

  • The laser light from the Lunula Laser targets the infected toes and surrounding tissues.
  • ‘Intelligent’ patient guards attached to the toes precisely target the laser light.
  • The two wavelengths of laser light penetrate deep below the nail surface to reach the infected nail bed
  • Laser light destroys by the fungus in the nail bed while preserving healthy tissue.
  • The fully automated Lunula Nail Laser ensures the correct dose is given for each treatment every time without fail
  • We treat up to four toes simultaneously in 15 minutes.
  • We usually need 4 laser treatments to fully eradicate fungus

Our Fungal Nail Treatments near Buckinghamshire are available by appointment only. Contact us today to make an appointment on 01235 798313 or email us.

If you would like to read more about the independent scientific evidence that supports the use of this laser please follow the links below:
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Treatment of Mild, Moderate, and Severe Onychomycosis Using 870- and 930-nm Light Exposure: Some Follow-up Observations at 270 Days
Treatment of Mild, Moderate, and Severe Onychomycosis Using 870- and 930-nm Light Exposure