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What is an Ingrowing Toenail?

An ingrowing toenail develops when the sides of the toenail grow into the surrounding skin. The nail curls and pierces the skin, which becomes red, swollen, and tender which can become infected.

The big toe is often affected, either on one or both sides. Other possible symptoms include:

Pain if pressure is placed on the toe

Inflammation of the skin at the end of the toe

A build-up of fluid in the area surrounding the toe

An overgrowth of skin around the affected toe

White or yellow pus coming from the affected area


Ingrowing toenail treatment in Wantage, Oxfordshire

What causes an ingrowing toenail?

Ingrowing toenails can develop due to various factors, such as:

  • – Badly cut toenails: Trimming toenails too short or unevenly encourages skin folding over the nail and ingrowth.
  • – Tight-fitting shoes, socks or tights: this places pressure on the skin around your toenail; the skin may be pierced if it’s pressed on to your toenail.
  • Sweaty feet: Excess moisture softens the skin, making it easier for the nail to pierce and embed.
  • – Injury: Stubbing your toe can sometimes lead to the development of an ingrowing toenail.
  • – Natural nail shape: Curved or fan-shaped toenails are more prone to pressing into the surrounding skin.

What are the risks if the condition is left untreated?

An ingrowing toenail will not resolve without treatment. The toe can become very badly infected and the infection could spread to other parts of the skin on the foot or in extreme cases into the bone. If left the condition has the potential to make you unwell.

How is an ingrowing nail treated?

If you think you have an ingrowing toenail you should seek to consult a Podiatrist as soon as possible.

If your ingrown toenail is severe, it is likely that you will require a minor operation to resolve the problem and possibly a course of antibiotics to clear up any infection.

Our Podiatrists are surgically trained to perform these procedures under local anaesthetic.

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