Podiatry in Abingdon

Podiatry in Abingdon

Lunula Laser Fungal Nail Treatment in Abingdon

If you are suffering from fungal toenails or fingernails, the Hartland Clinic offer the latest innovation in treatment for this condition. Contact the clinic to find out more and to hear about our superb success rates with our Podiatry in Abingdon.

Swift Microwave Verruca Treatment for Verruca in Abingdon

Swift Microwave Verruca Treatment is a new pioneering technology which has been licenced for the general treatment of skin lesions in Podiatry and Dermatology. Swift uses microwave energy which is delivered through a special probe applied to the skin to treat the affected tissue.

Dry Needling Treatment for Verruca in Abingdon

Verrucas are a very common foot complaint and although usually painless, they can be uncomfortable if on an area of pressure. Dry needling is a minor procedure involving the use of a fine needle to puncture the verruca lesion multiple times under a local anaesthetic.

Podiatry in AbingdonMinor Surgery for ingrowing toe nails in Abingdon

We provide a range of minor surgical procedures for foot care in Abingdon including In growing toe nails, infected in growing toe nail, removal of nails that are deformed or painful, removal of nails following trauma, dry needling verruca, removal of foreign bodies in the foot, debridement and enucleation of painful corns, debridement and enucleation of neuro vascular corns, correction for painful involuted nails and the removal of fungal nails.

Corticosteroid Injection Therapy in Abingdon

We carry out steroid injections in Abingdon and help reduce pain and inflammation in a wide variety of conditions such as arthritis, plantar fasciitis, neuroma’s, sinus tarsi syndrome and capsulitis

Orthopaedic and Sports Injury Assessment in Abingdon

We treat many conditions associated to sports injuries in Abingdon. The most common are flat feet, high arches, plantar fasciitis muscle, tendon and ligament problems, nerve compressions, excess range of motion or instability in specific joints.

Paediatric Assessment in Abingdon

Parents often worry about their children’s feet as a child begins to walk and grow. We carry out full paediatric assessments in Abingdon on children of all ages.

Plantar Fasciitis treatment in Abingdon

Plantar Fasciitis is a common though painful condition that affects the band of tissue that stretches from the heel to the middle foot. The Clinic offers a comprehensive assessment which focuses on the reason why the condition may have developed. Treatment is usually aimed at controlling the short terms effects of this condition and then looking to address the cause and ease long term symptoms.

Cracked Heels – treatment in Abingdon

We provide comprehensive treatment for cracked heals in Abingdon. The pain associated with cracked heels may slight at first, though if they are allowed to develop into open wounds, then walking may become uncomfortable and the cracks can become infected.

Corns and Callus treatment in Abingdon

We treat corns and callus which are areas of hard skin that develop over areas of pressure or friction on the feet and toes. They will become thick, unsightly and painful if not treated.