Orthopaedic/Sports Injury Assessment

Why would I need an Orthopaedic Assessment?

Many patients develop symptoms in relation to their feet, ankles, knees, legs, hips and lower back. Often this can be associated with the way the lower limb is aligned and functions. Misalignment can result in pain as well as the development of other medical conditions such as muscle, tendon, cartilage, nerve problems and in some cases the development of osteoarthritis.

The assessment is designed to diagnose your condition, but equally importantly; try and identify and treat the cause.

What sort of Orthopaedic conditions does the clinic treat?

The most common orthopaedic conditions, which present in Podiatric Medicine are:

  • Flat feet
  • High arches
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Muscle, tendon and ligament problems
  • Nerve compressions
  • Excess range of motion or instability in specific joints
  • Osteoarthritis in the foot, ankle and knee
  • Trauma to the cartilage in the knee joint
  • Limb length difference

What happens during the assessment?

You will be with us about 1 hour. The assessment is very thorough and will include:

  • Discussion regarding Previous Medical History and current Medications
  • Detailed history of presenting problem including clinical examination
  • Tests to ensure the Vascular and Neurological status of the lower limb is normal
  • A comprehensive range of Orthopaedic tests carried out with you led down, sat up and standing
  • Gait analysis

Will my condition be diagnosed and treated during the assessment?

The Podiatrist may be able to provide you with a diagnosis during the assessment. This is not always possible and we may recommend a diagnostic ultrasound scan in order to provide an accurate diagnosis.

Depending on the condition there are a range of specific treatment options available. These will be discussed with you in detail and a treatment plan will be formulated with you.


If you would like to book an Assessment at The Hartland Podiatry Clinic please contact the clinic either by telephone on 01235 798313 or complete the form below and a member of staff will contact you to book your Assessment.