Verruca Treatment near Reading using Dry Needling

Verruca Treatment near Reading at The Hartland Clinic with Success Rates of 80% – The most effective treatment that currently exists in medicine

Our verruca treatment near Reading using dry needling is a highly effective technique that we use to treat long standing and persistent verrucae. We have a great deal of experience in treating patients using this technique.

What are Verrucas?

verruca treatment near ReadingVerrucae develop in the upper layer of skin, known as the epidermis.  They are essentially a collection of skin cells infected with the verruca virus. The immune fighting cells are deeper, in a layer called the dermis which makes it difficult for the immune system to detect the Verrucae.

The Dry Needling Treatment

We carry out dry needling painlessly under local anaesthetic. Once the foot is numb, we use a technique which punctures the lesion into the deeper layers of the skin. The aim of
this is to implant the infected cells deeper in to the tissue. This stimulates an immune response in the  immune system which can detect the cells in this tissue layer.

verruca treatment near ReadingWe only need to treat one verruca even in the case of multiple verrucae. This should then
result in the spontaneous resolution of all verrucae due to the nature of the body’s immune response.

We then dress the area for 48 hours with most people only reporting slight soreness for a few days. The lesion has the appearance of a dry blood blister. Most patients experience little discomfort after the procedure. A scab forms after the treatment which takes about 4 weeks to drop off.

We can usually treat the verrucae in one treatment. Occasionally we may need to treat the area again.

How Successful is the Dry Needling Treatment?

Our success rate for the treatment in 80% of patients we achieve complete removal of verrucae on the foot.

If you have a Verrucae that just won’t respond to any other form of treatment therapy then don’t despair, book a dry needling appointment today.

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